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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Collateral (Chapter 2)

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To start the mission, first head to your room in the Owl Motel. Talk to Clara Lille, then you'll notice something isn't quite right. After blowing your motel room sky high, take a quick headshot on the man holding Clara.

Now, you need to fight your way out of the motel.

There are men up on the roof and also on the second floor balcony. Take out the men on the roof first, then clear out the rest of the balcony.

Two more cars will show up now, so take out all of those men as well.

There are two explosive pads on the ground in the parking lot. Make sure to use them to help clear out enemies down by the cars.

Once the area is clear, you are prompted to run for Clara's car. Don't do this yet!

Hang back a bit as there are a group of men coming from the far side of the motel as well as a second group coming into the parking lot you're looking over right now.

Once you've cleared out the second wave of men, Clara will get into her car and drive off.

Take out the two more thugs that show up, then hop into a car and drive yourself out of there.