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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Not the Pizza Guy (Chapter 1)

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Get to the mission start spot right along the riverside. Start the mission, then run forward, climbing up the building in front of you until you get to an apartment balcony.

Once onto the balcony, you'll talk with Jordi. He's being super sketchy, and that's never good. Looks like you need to get across the river to find a boss.

Run along the bridge here until you cross the river, then find a door next to the bridge. Head through the door then vault over the edge to get down to the train tracks.

Move along the tracks, taking cover behind the piles of wood.

The guards shouldn't see you if you move under the overhang against the wall.

Hack into the camera above the door you need to get to, and then jump to another camera on a building across the way.

From here you can unlock a ctOS box. With this box unlocked, you can now go through the door to the boss.

Once inside, you'll interrogate a dude. With that done, there's a ton of Fixers on their way. Grab the AK-47 here if you want it, then head outside.

The best way too get out of here is to simply sprint to the right and avoid contact with the fixers, but kill any that get in your way.

Get up the stairs quickly and find a car.

Hop into a car now as fast as you can, that helicopter has a nasty sniper.

Once in a car, simply escape.