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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Thanks for the Tip (Chapter 1)

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To start this mission, make it to a back alley in The Loop. Start the mission, and you are tasked with hacking into a junction box where the mysterious caller came from.

Looks like there are two ctOS boxes that need to be disabled before you can get in.

For the first one, find the camera by an operable lift. Hack into the camera.

You can see the ctOS box on a balcony above where the Junction Box is.

For the second one, go further into the alley and find a camera pointing down the alley.

Again hack into it and you'll see the ctOS box straight ahead. With both boxes hacked, go back to the junction box and hack into that.

Solve the two puzzles to move on. These puzzles basically have two steps. You must first unlock the first junction, then you can get to the second one. Once the junction has been fully broken into, you get access to a camera feed in an apartment.

"Jump to the camera on the laptop sitting out on the floor and a cell phone will start ringing. Hack into the phone now to listen in on the conversation.

Looks like you recognize an old friend's voice. Oh damn, a whole group of people are coming to take you out now.

Either kill them all or run away, the choice is yours.

Once you've escaped the dangers of that situation, go meet up with the man on the phone. Drive to the famous Bean statue, technically called Cloud Gate, and have a chat with the man on the phone. With that, you're done with this mission.