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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Backstage Pass (Chapter 1)

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First, go off to DB&R Weaponsmiths. Pick up a 416 Assault Rifle, then head out.

Once you've stocked up, head out to the restricted construction site marked on your map.

Once outside the construction site, don't go barging in. Hack the cameras around the area to get a good view of the site and the guards in it.

To go the stealth route, start with a camera outside, and hack until you have a video feed from a camera inside. Once inside, jump from camera to camera until you find the guard on the second floor in the south corner. Hack his cellphone to get the secret access code.

With the code, you can find a cell phone lying out on a box to "Attract" a guard over. This guard happens to have a camera on his vest. Hack the camera as he walks over to the cell phone you hacked.

You'll find a box on the wall here that you can access, so do so.

This will open up a hacking minigame.

Line up the rotating pieces so that the blue data stream flows from the origin to the lock. Once the blue light hits the lock, hover over it and select it.

With the hacking successfully done, the camera feed will jump down to a server room. Make sure you watch the three video logs that can be found down here in the servers, then hack the main computer at the end of the hallway.

Once you've hacked into the server, it's time to leave. Either take out all of the guards, or simply run away.