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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Bottom of the Eighth (Chapter 1)

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You've caught up to the man responsible for killing your niece. Aim at him and pull the trigger to scare him, which does nothing.

After talking, he will try to attack you, so use the melee button to knock him back to the ground.

Hack his phone and then loot the locker room. There are crafting supplies and cash around.

Head outside and you'll run into your pal Jordi Chin. Jordi takes out an enemy for you, then will take care of the guy who you just left in the locker room.

Now it's time to get out. Move forward down the hallway and then duck into cover.

You'll find two police men looking at a body by a delivery van. Sneak by the van and make it up the ramp.

Climb on the dumpster to get to the double doors, but the door are locked.

Hack into the security camera, then look above the door to hack into the next one.

Hack the other cameras in this room until you get a good look at a panel on the wall.

Hack this panel to unlock the door. Move in and you will automatically take cover.

Go into your weapon wheel now and craft a Lure.

Throw it at the marked spot on the wall, and hack it to activate it. The guard in the room will go investigate it, leaving you open to move up the stairs behind where he used to be.

Open some more doors and you come up in a sports bar. Sneak behind the bar, and nobody will notice you. Move into the hallway, and you'll find you are stuck.

Hack into the security camera in the other room, then hack into a second camera.

ocus on the guard with the access code (the one in the grey jacket), and you'll be able to hack him to get a security code.

With the code, hack a panel on the wall to take you to the basement.

Then hack a computer down there.

You will now be brought back to Aiden. Hold R1 to bring up the Blackout option. Activate it to create a huge distraction

Move through the double glass doors now, sneaking past the guards. This is fairly easy to do, so don't worry about it too much. Keep moving through some doors, then head down the stairs to get to the other side of the room and outside.

Now that you're outside, head down the stairs and go to the left.

Rush towards the garage where your car is parked. Once in the car, drive away from the police. Use your phone to hack traffic lights to throw off the cops. Eventually you'll escape from their pursuit.

Once clear, drive back to your safe house marked on your map. It's a room in the Owl Motel. Get inside and watch the cutscene. When that is done, go to bed to end the mission.