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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Big Brother (Chapter 1)

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After waking up, head outside. Use your cell phone to find someone who will be likely committing a crime. x

He's the guy on the second floor leaning against a balcony. Once you target him, hack his cell phone.

You now get an area where the crime he will commit will take place. Either drive or run across the street, and find a woman in a parking lot. Once targeting Nancy Didion, she will walk into a back alley.

Hide around the corner until they tell you to intervene

Once you get the go-ahead, rush in and beat the man with your baton.

Done with that part!

Now hop into a car and drive North for a bit, you're going to your sister's house.

Drive to the outside of the gate to her community for a quick cutscene.

Your sister gets a phone call, and it sounds really distressing. Hack into her phone to hear it.

Once you've been kicked out, hop into the car right in front of the house, and chase after the man who called your sister. He drives away in front of you, so give chase.

You need to take the prank caller down so keep driving after him. When the opportunity opens, take down the car with a traffic light hack. He'll get out of the car, so chase him down and finish him off.