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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Open Your World (Chapter 1)

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First, get to the mission start spot marked on your map. Now that you've done that, start the mission. Once the mission has started, walk down the stairs to the subway below.

After talking to Clara Lille, you get a boat-load of skill points, so open up your menu and upgrade some awesome stuff. Once you've upgraded, you get a call from Clara.

She tells you about a way to break into a ctOS building, which is underground.

Move through the tunnel you are in now until you find the start point, which is outside of a parking garage underground.

The door to the ctOS building is locked, and can be unlocked using stealth tactics. Regardless of what you do though, you will need to get your hands dirty moving through the garage to the building. Keep your violence fast and quiet to not cause a scene.

Go through a few rooms and you'll pop out in the corner of a big office lobby. Stay out of sight and use the cameras to scan the area and see who's out there.

While scanning, use the cameras on the long ends to make it up to the second floor. He should be downstairs. If you want to draw out guards, use the explosive plates on the floor of the first floor to get interest.

Now that you have the code from the guard scanned, use the cameras to get back to the second floor.

There will be a guard on patrol up here that you can hack into the camera on his vest. He will walk into a side room that has the router you need to hack into, so do just that.

Once into the router, you have two puzzles to solve. The first one has three branches, have the left branch point to the left, the middle branch point up and to the right, and the right branch point up. Once that is done, unlock the lock at the top and move to the second puzzle. For this one, the beam needs to go up the first branch, down the second branch, then back up the third.

With both puzzles done, you're now in the camera for an important person. Hack into his laptop from here to break in and get the info you need.

Now it's time to escape, but since we didn't raise any alarms, it shouldn't be too bad. Go back out the way you came in, and hop into a car. Now, use the Jam Comms you've just constructed to help you slip out of the police's influence. Done!