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osu! Walkthrough Progression Throughout Game Difficulties

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Easy Difficulty - You will start here, play a bunch of easy maps and make sure you get A-S ratings on them, play them until you cannot miss a note then progress to Normal.

Normal Difficulty - You need to do the same thing as you did on easy, here is where you'll truly get an understanding of the game and you will spend a bit more time as the gap between normal and hard is bigger than between easy and normal. Make sure you can get As and S ratings on most tracks that you have and attempt to do Hard ones from time to time, once you're past this, never come back to Easy or Normal unless you're using Double Time mod.

Hard Difficulty - Hard is probably the difficulty you will spend the most time on. You need to be flawless on this difficulty to progress to Insane as the skill gap between Hard and Insane is by far the biggest and most people get stuck on Hard. Make sure you're comfortable with your setup and practice, try Insane tracks every now and then and if you're not ready keep doing Hard ones until you think you are. You can use the No Fail mod on Insane tracks to practice.