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Ghost Recon: Wildlands NAT Type Open

If you are having a difficult time trying to play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands online, forwarding ports in your router may solve your problems. Forwarding ports in your router makes a direct connection between you and the other players on your squad. If you want to be squad leader during online co-op you will need to forward ports. Another benefit to forwarding ports is being allowed to host the game which means less lag time for you.

In Ghost Recon: Wildlands, up to 4 players are able to join a squad and play online co-op. In order to play Wildlands online with your friends, at least one of your squad members will need to forward ports so that everyone else will be able to connect to them.

  • Forwarding ports is necessary to get a NAT Type Open (Xbox One and PC) or NAT Type 2 (PS4) connection. This allows you to connect to most players. You will also need to forward ports if you want to be lobby host.
  • If you are seeing NAT Type Strict (Xbox One and PC) or NAT Type 3 (PS4) in the game lobby then you will not be able to connect to some players. This may make joining online squads difficult for you and cause you to waste time waiting for compatible players to team up with.
  • Forward ports in your router and/or firewall to get a better connection and get NAT Type Open (Xbox One and PC) or NAT Type 2 (PS4).

Forwarding Ports for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The easiest solution is to use our our Network Utilities software that will automatically forward your ports. Otherwise, you can follow the guides for your specific router below.

  1. Make sure that you set up a static IP in your console or PC before forwarding ports in your router. You can visit these guides for help setting up a static IP.
  2. Next, forward ports in your router and/or firewall for PS4, Xbox One or PC, whichever platform you are using. You will just need to forward all of the ports listed for your gaming platform.
  3. After forwarding ports in your router you can check your NAT Type in the game lobby. If you are gaming on PC and do not see NAT Type in the game lobby, you can use a port checking tool to see if your ports have been forwarded. Our Network Utilities software includes a free Port Checker tool that you can use to check your ports.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - PC

  • TCP: 80,443,14000,14008,14020-14024
  • UDP: 3074-3083

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Xbox One

  • TCP: 53,80,3074
  • UDP: 53,88,500,3074,3544,4500

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Playstation 4

  • TCP: 80,443,3478,3479,3480
  • UDP: 3658-3667

Port Forwarding Guides for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

We have guides to show you how to forward ports for Ghost Recon: Wildlands in your specific router. Just click on the link below, choose your router from the list, and follow the guide.

For more information about your router or using your home network visit these guides.

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