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February 25, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Here is a list of all the username and password combinations that we are aware of for Vodafone routers.

Vodafone Model Username Password
ARV4519PW vodafone vodafone
Box vodafone vodafone
Easybox-802 root 123456
Gigabox printed on router printed on router
R216 blank admin
SHG1500 vodafone vodafone

These are the factory default passwords for Vodafone routers. If you have changed the password in your router, then you need to use the new password that you have set.

This list does not include Vodafone WiFi passwords and will not help you connect to your WiFi network.

How To Login to a Vodafone Router

Vodafone routers have many settings that can be adjusted depending on your needs, such as WiFi network name, password, parental controls, and traffic prioritization. To access these settings, you need to login to your router's built-in firmware.

To access your router's settings, you can use a standard web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. It does not matter which web browser you use.

In general, the steps to log in to a Vodafone router are the same no matter which model of router you have. Here's what you do:

We cover all of these steps below, including how to find your router's IP address and a list of all known default Vodafone passwords.

Find Your Vodafone Router's IP Address

To login to your router, you need to know it's IP address. All Vodafone routers have 2 IP addresses, but we are only interested in your router's internal IP address.

Since we are configuring your router from inside your network, we need to know the internal IP address. From here on, for simplicity, we will refer to your router's internal IP address as it's IP address. Just remember that whenever we say IP address, we mean internal IP address.

You can find your router's IP address any of the following ways:

The simplest way to find your Vodafone IP address is to try all known default IP addresses. Here are all the known default Vodafone IP addresses.

Vodafone Model IP Address
R216 http://pocket.wifi/
Station Revolution
Ultra Hub

Start with the first IP address in the list and try to login to your router with it. To login to your router, follow the steps outlined below.

If the IP address you picked does not work, then try a different one. It is harmless to try all the listed IP addresses since the only thing that we are doing here is trying to access the firmware settings of your router.

How To Login To a Vodafone Router

Once you have an IP address that you want to try, it's time to use your web browser to log in. Find the address bar in your web browser. It looks something like this:

Address Bar

Type your router's IP address into the address bar and press the Enter key on your keyboard. You should see either your router's home screen or a screen asking for your username and password.

If you do not see anything or you get an error that says This site can't be reached then the IP address that you are trying is wrong. Go back to the list of IP addresses above and try a different one.

If you try all the IP addresses above and still cannot log in, then you can follow our How to Find Your Router's IP Address guide.

Vodafone Default Username and Password

You need to know your Vodafone username and password to login to your router. If you are not sure what your router's username and password are, then your router may still be set to the factory defaults. If your password does not work, you can try all the default Vodafone passwords and see if any of them work. Keep trying them all until you get logged in.

Vodafone Model Username Password
ARV4519PW vodafone vodafone
Box vodafone vodafone
Easybox-802 root 123456
Gigabox printed on router printed on router
R216 blank admin
SHG1500 vodafone vodafone

Some routers lock you out after trying too many incorrect passwords. If this happens, then just let it timeout for a minute and try again.

Forgot Vodafone Password

If you have changed your Vodafone password and forgot it, then you have the following choices:

Resetting your router can be a very time-consuming process and may require contacting your ISP to get connected to the internet again. Please do not reset your router until you have tried every other way of getting logged in.

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