How to Port Forward Scavengers in Your Router

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June 11, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Scavengers is Midwinter Entertainment's Action, Adventure, Survival, and Shooter game released in 2020.

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scavengers logo

Scavengers includes the following genres of gameplay.

Port Forward Scavengers

Scavengers is a multiplayer game which means that it will probably need open ports. Usually various connection issues in multiplayer games are improved when you forward a port. Unfortunately we don't know which ports Scavengers uses yet. The first step is figuring out which ports need to be forwarded. Let's tackle this problem together.

  1. Download our free software called Network Utilities and install it.
  2. When the install completes start Network Utilities and then find the Port Finder button.
  3. The Port Finder will help you locate the game that you are interested in playing. Follow its instructions closely.
  4. The incoming connection ports will be added to our site as soon as a site admin reviews them.

Ports To Forward for Scavengers

Usually a game will only open up the port in "listen mode" when it's needed. This means you'll have to put your game into some sort of multiplayer mode in order for us to detect the incoming connection ports properly. We'll watch the game running and look for which ports it opens up to see which ports might need to be forwarded.

Usually games will use the same port every time they are launched so we only need to collect this port data once. Some games and applications use a random numbered port at each launch and we'll only be able to figure that out over multiple runs possibly even from multiple different users.

Some games will listen on a huge range of ports which can be very hard to detect. By having many different people run the Port Finder for the same game multiple times we can figure out the entire range of ports that are needed for that particular game. Everybody who runs the Port Finder helps add to the database.

How Port Finder Works

Here's what Port Finder is going to do:

As users submit port data to our servers we will combine it into a list that we publish. This will become the list that we recommend everyone forwards in their router.

As soon as we locate the incoming connection ports for Scavengers we will list them on this page.

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