Network Utilities

Customer Testimonials

Below are just some of the many kind words our customers have had to say about our Network Utilities product and our support staff.

I have recommended this program to my friends because it does what its supposed to do and the awesome support.
- Anthony H.

I bought your program to help with Port Forwarding and it solved my problem with the first use.
- Richard B.

I wish to thank you guys for the prompt and concise responses. It is refreshing to have a company be so customer friendly!
- Alfred S.

I'm going to repeat myself one last time and go ahead and say thank you guys at portforward support team for making your customers needs an obligation.
- Aladin A.

Dear Tedie and team, thank you for all your support and help. Everything is now functioning and apperently stable - wonderful.
- Ian C.

Thanks once again Allen, it works great I appreciate the support. You have a wonderful weekend.
- Aneuris R.

I cannot praise you highly enough and will certainly be telling all my friends about this wonderful product and customer service.
- Brian A.

Set up was a breeze; I will let all my friends know about this wonderful product.
- Shahram V.

Thanks for your service - its amazing - I'm truely impressed.
- Jonathan W.

First of all: thank you for your amazing services! Second: I just bought your PFConfig program and it all worked perfectly.
- Remko K.

Thanks for replying so fast, the customer service is amazing.
- Davy C.

Everything is working a treat.. thanks my friend, I appreciate all the work. You are amazing.
- William I.

Yes it works!! You guys Are the best... thank you!
- Ruth B.

It works! Outstanding. Thanks for the help.
- Dave W.

It works!! - thanks - well done!
- Mervyn B

It works!! You dont know how I much can thank you!
- Mike B.

Followed your instructions and ran PFConfig to delete my forwarded ports and.... IT WORKS!!!! :)
- Dean M.

It works!! Thanks so much, this had been bugging me for days da man.
- Ryan C.

yay! it works! your awesome! thank you so very much for your help :)
- Thomas M

IT WORKS!!!!!! Man am I HAPPY!!!!!!
- Dave J.

It works!!! Thank You so much!!!
- Dieter E.

It works! I can view my cameras remotely. THANK YOU!!
- Dale G.

YES it works!!! I'm able to connect to my Minecraft server yes! Thank you so much!
- Sean O.

IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much for all your patience and help. You are awesome! Thanks again
- Brian S.

Yes, I'm pleased to say that works!
- Heather E.

Hooray! It works! I am now successfully connected. :) Thank you so much for all your help!!!
- Caroline K.