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Easiest Way to Forward Ports on the Arris TG862G Router

This is the open port guide for the Arris TG862G. We also have the following related guides:

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All Arris TG862G router have a basic firewall that will help protect your home network from any unwanted access from the Internet. This firewall blocks incoming connections that you may want unblocked for a game or application. To unblock a connection you need to create a port forward. A port forward forwards a port through the firewall and directs it to a device on your home network.

To open a port you need to:

  1. Setup a static IP address on the device you are forwarding these ports to.
  2. Login to your Arris TG862G router.
  3. Navigate to the port forwarding section.
    • Click the Advanced link.
    • Click on Port Forwarding.
    • Click the Add Service button.
  4. Create a port forward.

In this guide we will walk you through each of the above steps in detail.

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Step 1

It is important to setup a static ip address in the device that you are forwarding a port to. This ensures that your ports will remain open even after your device reboots.

  • Recommended - Our free program will setup a static IP address for you.
  • Or follow our Static IP Address guides to setup a static IP address.

After setting up a static ip address on your devices you need to login to your router.

Step 2

You need to use a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer) to login to the Arris TG862G router's web interface. It doesn't matter which web browser you use to do this, merely pick your favorite.

After opening up the web browser look for the address bar. This is normally at the top of the page like this:

The address bar in the image above has in it. All you have to do is erase what is in this address bar and replace it with the router's IP address. Sometimes the router's IP address is referred to as a gateway.

If you have changed the router's IP Address and forgotten what you changed it to, read our How To Find Your Router's IP Address guide to learn where to find it.

The default router IP Address for the Arris TG862G is:

Enter the appropriate IP address in the address bar and click the Enter key on your keyboard. If everything goes as it should you will see the following page:

Arris TG862G

Do you see the Login screen? This is where you want to be.

  • The Default Arris TG862G Router Username is: admin
  • The Default Arris TG862G Router Password is: password

Simply enter the username and password and click the LOGIN button to access the Arris TG862G web interface.

Having Trouble Logging In?

This is where most of us will get stuck. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Try other Default Arris Router Passwords. Sometimes a router will update the firmware and change the username and password.
  • Crack your router's password. Use our Find Password App. It automates the process of trying a bunch of different combinations. To prevent illegal activity this can ONLY be used on your home network. It can not be used over the Internet. Learn more in our Router Password Cracker.
  • Finally, if none of the other options work, it may be time for a reset. A factory reset will erase every single setting you have ever changed on the device. We highly recommend exhausting other options before resorting to a reset. Learn more about resetting this router on our Reset the Arris TG862G router page.

Step 3

Now let's find the port forwarding section of the router. To do this we start on the following page of your Arris TG862G router:

Arris TG862G

Click the Advanced option in the left sidebar.

Below that, click the option of Port Forwarding

Arris TG862G

Now click the Add Service button on the right side of the page.

Arris TG862G

Step 4

Here are the ports to forward for Xbox Live:

TCP Ports:3074
UDP Ports:3074

If you are looking for the ports for a different application you can find it by either:

In the Services Name dropdown box choose Other.

Create a name for this forward and put it in the Other Service box. The name is only used as a reminder and has no effect on the port forward.

Select the required protocol for these ports from the Service Type dropdown box.

You need to enter the IP address that you are forwarding ports to in the Server IP Address box. It's possible for this to be either the IP address of your computer or any other IP address on your network that you want ports forwarded to.

If you are forwarding a range of ports separated by a hyphen then enter the lowest number of that range into the Start Port box and the highest number of that range into the End Port box. If you are only forwarding a single port number then enter that number into both the Start Port and the End Port boxes.

Click the Save button when you are all done.

Don't forget to SAVE after each entry.

Did Your Ports Open?

After you have finished forwarding the Arris TG862G router you need to test them to see if they forwarded correctly. In order to do this we recommend using our Open Port Checker. This is located in our free trial of the Network Utilities tool. Not only is this Open Port Checker free but it is the only online port checker that is guaranteed to work.

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