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I'll be playing Emily Hartwood since she makes more sense plotwise.

We find out that Mrs. Hartwood's uncle, Jeremy, has committed suicide inside of his manor, named Derceto.

We get a few hints playing as Emily that we wouldn't get playing Edward.

Emily feels the need to figure out exactly why Uncle Jeremy commited suicide, and so begins the game.

A car is seen, driving towards the camera.

Emily is in a taxi, being driven to the Derceto manor.

She arrives at the front gate.

She exits the car, as it peels away, she stops to examine the large house...

...she doesn't know of the horrors she will have to face.

"The front doors close behind her, she has to stay now...

First order of business, move forward and grab the oil lamp.

Whenever you motion over an object that you can pick up, a confirmation box will pop up. Take the lamp.

Emily said that the wardrobe was in front of the window when his body was found...

The inventory is accessed by pressing the enter button, an action is preformed by pressing spacebar. Hit enter to select actions. Select Push.

You need to quickly push the wardrobe in front of the window, an enemy will spawn and jump through it to attack us.

Shortly after it does that another enemy will spawn, coming up through a trapdoor. We need to push the chest over it to prevent the door from being able to open.

You can then Open/Search the chest to find...

A rifle! This will come in handy so take it.

Jeremy used to tell Emily to look closely at the piano. If we walk over to the side here and search it...

A letter, possibly Jeremy suicide note.

We should also go search the wardrope.

This will also come in handy so take it.

If you go over and search the bookcase you'll find, surprise surprise!

A book. Take it.

Let's take a look at that letter, hopefully it will contain some useful information...

:( Well that didn't help anything.

This book must be important...

"It appears to be part of the Golden Fleece.

This is a hint for an upcoming "puzzle." The next page tells us that their shields will shine like mirrors...

Head torwards the exit and turn right.