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Alone in the Dark Walkthrough The End

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Simply double tap the up arrow key to run across this unstable bridge.


Well there's no way back... continue forward.

We reach the end of this hall when...

The Cthonian appears of course!

Run away from him and make a right.

Bring out your rifle and shoot the bird monster.

The Cthonian goes right past us...

Lets just get as far away from him as possible.

Whoops. Looks like he cut us off.

Go back where we found him and take the left this time.

Turn left and into this room. The game just did a very sneeky thing.

It just added a jump button.

Save as often as you can down in these caves. The game becomes very difficult at this point.

Stand at the left edge of this platform, jump from there.

Emily will automatically climb up these edges.

Pull out the rifle, then shoot and kill the spider.

Continue down the cave, pull out the revolver and shoot the bat.

Hop across the pillars on the left. Don't worry about falling off, just take your time.

You'll eventually reach the end.

Once you reach this part, take the left path.

We are now in this room. SAVE SAVE SAVE

Take the left path.

Turn right.

Shoot the bat and take the left path.

Head up here and go all the way to the treature chest.

Remember that massive key we got?

Use it here.

The chest opens. Within it is a gem and a book, the last one of the game.

It turns out that Pickford and Pregzt is the same person. He has been alive all these years and his soul is trying to take over a host body.

Push aside this rock and go through the open door.

We continue down the path...

Oh great. Pull out the lamp.

For the most part the "hug the right wall" trick should work.

Eventually we will reach this door.

Put the gem into the door.

Remember Shub-Niggurath? Doesn't this look familiar?

I mean look at this thing!

They are one in the same!

You need to run up to him and grab the hook.

In return place the tailsman.

Use the lighter to light the lamp.

Throw the lamp at Pregtz.


The game is right, we really need to get out of here!

If you died at all in the game, this will look quite familiar. Use the hook we picked up from Pregtz.

Hey, we're back here! Turn back down the lower path into the maze.

Looks like he had the power to control darkness... turn left and use the hook on the door.

We are also back here... turn left.

Keep going back, we are now where the Cthonian was...

We came from the left there, but the path straight ahead is open now.

Keep heading down the path till you hit the end.

Now we are back in the cellar!

The front door... lets get out of this nightmare.

It opens...

Emily makes it out of Derceto alive.

She thumbs for a taxi, it is all over...

OR IS IT?!!?!?

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