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Alone in the Dark Walkthrough Floor 1

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It's probably a good time to save if you haven't already.

Head through the first door you see.

Turn right and take the pot of soup.

Open the other door in this room and go in.

Take the key.

There is also a biscuit box, eat them for health.

There are some knifes in these drawers, but we probably don't need them.

Now is a good time to break out the rifle. Open the door.

Go into the room backwards; a zombie spawns in behind you.

It takes only two shots but I end up taking about 4 here.

Take the oil can in the corner.

Fill your jug with the barrel of water.

Search the pile of coal for... a box of shoes?

Why would somebody stick a box of shoes among a pile of coal?

That's why! The bullets we got earlier go to this gun, so reload!

This game has some cool cinematic angles.

If you have any empty items, throw them away now.

That's all for this room, go through this door.

...then this door.

That's a lot of zombies.

Go to the end of the table.

Put the pot of soup on the table. (Spoiler Alert: IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE!!!)

The zombies all get ready for a good meal.... You can open this door if you want.

Go through this door.

Quickly run over to the double doors over here and open them.

Take the lighter, it will replace the matchbox.

Position yourself near the ashtray (it's trying to kill you) and use the water jug to put the flame out.

We killed the smoke monster. The folks on LOST would be very grateful.

Our gold key opens the door to Jeremy's study.

Go back across the hall and open the other double doors.

Now is another good time to study. Pull out your sword, we are battling a pirate.

This is by far the most difficult fight of the entire game.

He will counter all of your attacks. The trick is to fake him out by moving to attack with one direction key, but then quickly holding down another.

He finally dies in a shower of blood, cursing the day he decided to pick a fight with master swordsman: Emily Hartwood!

He drops a key. It belongs to the doors he was guarding right next to us.

There is a book back near these paintings. Lets read yeah?

Further things to connect this game with Chtulu.

You can throw away anything you don't need: used keys, books, the sword we used against the pirate, ect.

It is acually better if you leave this record here.

We need to get those ghosts away from a key by playing music. Unfortunatly this is the wrong record.

Come back and search this case, we get a book and a record. Leave the record.

Now search this bookcase. Do take this record.

Hooray for reading! You feeling any smarter guys?

This books contains the story of Captain Norton who killed Pickford and burned down the orginal Derceto Manor.

More stuff to connect the game to H.P. Lovecraft.

Now is a VERY good time to save your game. Use the green record to play the Dance of Death.

The ghosts start moving around the dance floor; we can move in and grab the key.

We need to get back out this door. It can be pretty difficult but try not to panic and you can make it.

Come back to the door on the right of the stairs. Use your silver key.

We are now in the wine cellar. There are a couple of things we need to grap from here.

The shelf all the way at the back of the room has some bullets lying on it.

Turn right from there and run to the end of the room, we want to avoid having the rats gnaw off our ankles.

There is a block holding these barrels in place. You don't have to pick it up, but can if you want.

There is a book hiding in the shelves next to the barrels, take it and get out of the cellar.

This tells of a pirate known as Bloody Pregzt and how evil he was.

Astarte... isn't that...

Come back to Jeremy's study.

The coat of arms has a mechanism... we kept the broken saber for a reason. Put both pieces on it.

The desk moves aside, revealing a staircase...

I think we all know we this is heading...