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Americas Army 3 Walkthrough Weapons Familiarization

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Listen to the instructor.

Walk over to the instructor by the table and press spacebar to talk to him.

Your instructor will give you information on your weapon.

You will be testing your weapon in lane 1

After he finishess talking, pick up the gun and start practicing in lane 1

Lane 1 will have a bright arrow on top of it. Approach the concrete wall.

Press [H] to activate the grenade launcher and use the scroll wheel to configure your distance.

Right click to zoom into your grenade launcher

when you are ready to qualify, head over to the instructor you were talking to before to qualify.

Make sure you are completely ready and is able to shoot all the targets.

To start qualifying, click "Yes"

Be sure you reload before you start and right after you shoot. Make sure you also put up your grenade launcher

aim at the targets with the correct range distance and shoot

After Finishing, a score will not show up until you complete all the weapon courses. Return your weapon after qualifying and head over to the next instructor with an arrow on top of him.

No score will be posted until the end.

Press spacebar to talk to your instructor.

Talk to the instructor and he will give you insturctions and basic information about the weapon.

Pick up your weapon and start practicing.

Press [R] to reload you weapon

This weapon takes a long time to reload so conserve your ammo during qualifications.

*tip: go prone to be more accurate and spray by holding the firing key. Be conservative when spraying so you still have ammo.

go and talk to your instructor after you practice.

Once ready, you can talk to the drill sargeant to qualify and click "yes"

Go to lane 3 to qualify. Be sure to reload before you start.

.Be sure to reload your weapon before you start

Remember to conserve your ammo when you are testing.

Once completed, return your weapon and head to the grenade range.

You will see a door to the right of your previous location.

The grenade range will be the second door on the left and also the onlt door open in the building.

Talk to the drill sargeant for instructions.

Pick up the grenade of your choice to practice with.

Press spacebar to pick up the grenade.

Head over to the middle pillar to practice.

once you feel you are ready, head over to your drill sargearnt to qualify.

Spot out the targets. Press [G] to take out your grenade and aim at the tagets that appear.

Be sure to crouch down so you do not get wounded.

if you do not get cover, you will be temporarily paralyzed or blinded.

Once you have qualfied, you can return back outside for your results.

Go back out the same door you came in from.

Apporac the instructor with an arrow on top of his head

Press spacebar to speak to the instructor and your scroe will appear.

Once your are satisfied with your score, click continue.