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Americas Army 3 Walkthrough Completed Basic Combat Training.

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Once you have been completed you will be given a certificate and continued to an award ceremony.

You will get images or drawing of your graduation

There will get previews of real combat operations like this

and also higlights of your basic combat training.

You have to watch the entire video to complete Basic Comabt Training

Teamwork and Communication is key to winning the game

The game is designed to help you understand what the united states army has to go through to fight for our country.

you will hear a speech that is commonly given at BCT graduations. Wait for the speech to finish and you will be returned to the home screen.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Basic Combat Traing for America's Army 3.

You can now unlock Infantry MOS to get special weapon acessories. Unlock them as you play online against other players.