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Americas Army 3 Walkthrough Combat Lifesaving

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once the training loads, you will be in the training room with a bunch of other soldiers.

Listen to the lecture for information about how to save someone's life

You will have a live person talk to you as well as animated demonstartions

This is the dummy you will be practicing with

Wait until the lecture is complete and wait for instructions.

First you will learn about gunshot wounds.

Wehn you have a gunshot wound, you treat it buy giving it a field dressing.

Treat wounds by pressing [Spacebar]

hold the spacebar ro complete the heal

You will also learn about when to apply a CAT

Throughout the lecture, you will learn a lot of information about what the army has to learn. Most of these information is not valid to your game-play but purely as a refrence.

After a few slides, you will be asked to treat the wound that they just went over. Press spacebar to heal them

Lungs are in importnat part of the body, it is important to treat someone who's airway is blocked.

You must help treat the patient by inserting a NPA to help him breath.

Apply the NPA to the soldier and treat his other injuries

A lung can collapse or be deflated

Cure this by applying a chest seal.

Apply the chest seal to the patient and cure his other injuries

When a soldier is down, you first have to check his pulse

If he is alive, he is just knocked out because of his weak pulse.

When someone has a weak pulse, you must apply saline.

After you treat his major wouds, continue treating his other injuries.

Applying a OPA

You apply an OPA when the soldier has trouble breating or has a constricted airway.

When someone has Shallow Breathing, you must apply an OPA.

Treat the injuries after you heal his major wound.

Apply a splint when a soldier cannot move or cannot get up.

Any laboured movement injury, you have to apply a sprint.

Treat the other injuries that your soldier may have.

A soldier may be knocked out by someone therefore making him collapse

This is means that the soldier has fainted and a sign of that is pale skin

When a soldier has pair skin, it means tht he needs Smelling Salts.

Treat other injuries that the soldier may have

Once you completed the lecture and practice, you will be tested on your knowledge. Once completed, you will get your score. When you are satisfied with your score, click "Continue".