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Americas Army 3 Walkthrough Fit to Win Obstacle Course

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Click on "Fit to Win Obstacle Course" and then "Enlist to start.

Watch the video introduction

Here they will introduce you to a sereis of images

This is the basic procedure when approaching and beginning your Basic Combat Training

The images is a visual refrence and feeling to when you would experience if you were actually there.

After the video, you will be returned to this screen. Click "Play Training" to start the Obstavle Course.

Wait for Training Mission to load.

Move up and listen to the instructors directions.

After the instruction, move up yo the starting line

Wait until they say "GO!" before you start

Once you start, approach the tunnel and click [C] to crouch down and move arcoss.

Wait until you get out before you get back up or move to another stance. You can rapidly click crouch prone button until it works. (Not always effective)

Approach the wires and click [X] to go prone and crawl al teh way across.

Once across, Press [X] again to stand back up and move forward to the next obstacle.

Maneuver through the maze using your [A,W,D,S] keys

Move forward left back and right as you go through this maze. You are not allowed to look around.

Make sure you look ahead at what is coming up. For example: there is a right turn coming up, get ready to click right key as you move forward.

If you can't see what is coming up, you are either going right or direcctly back.

The quickest way to complete this obstacle is to let the walls guide you.

Once completed the maze, move on to the next obstacle.

When you approach the jump, press [Spacebar] to jump across it.

Continue jumping across the other obstacles and continue to the ladder.

Press the [Up] or [W] key to climb the ladder.

Look down at the balance beam when you reach the top of the ladder

"Zig-Zag your way across the balance beam and go down the ladder.

You do not have to use Spacebar to climb down the ladder. You can just jump off by walking off

Approach the barricade and combat roll. Press [X] to go prone the double tap the [D] or [Right] key to combat roll.

Rapidly double click your key to move right for best results and stand up as soon as you can.

After the barricade, stand up and approach the log balance beam and zig zag your way across it.

Once across, sprint by double tapping the [Up] or [W] key and as you approach the tunnel while running, press the [C] crouch key to combat slide through it.

Try to not press crouch until you are as cloose as possible to the tunnel. Make sure you do not bump into it or you willl not be able to carry out a combat slide.

Once through the tunnel, sprint to the finish line and review your score.

One you are satisfied with your score, click continue to continue to the next training mission.

As long as it says "You are a go!" then you can continue. Advancements points are given to you everytime you complete a course to unlock more features in the game.