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Americas Army 3 Walkthrough Mount Course

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Listen to your instructors instruction.

Make sure you know who is your enemy and who is your friendly.

You will be using a M68 Aimpoint for this course

Wait for a "GO!" before you begin.

Go up and mantle over this by clicking [Spacebar]

Jump down to the white circle and secure the area.

Look around for enemies

shoot down enemies that appear be sure not to shoot down friendlies.

Once the area is secure, continue throught the door.

Pick up the smoke grenade. press [RightMouse] button to roll the grenade.

Throw it into the center of the courtyard and wait for the smoke to build.

once concealed, continue across the courtyard to the door.

Shoot down all the enemies in the area through the window.

Zoom in by right clicking to help you aim.

Once all the enemies are eliminated, go through the door and pick up the incendiary grenade on the left.

prep the objective before destorying it by pressing the [Spacebar] button.

Roll the incendiary under the objective as close as you can.

Wait for the incendiary to explosed before continuing

when completed, continue through the door.

Shoot the enemy in the corner

Eliminate and Secure all enemies in the course and continue through the doors.

continue through the rooms

Enemies will pop up all around you. Make sure you check your surroundings and shoot them down.

A soldier in down, approach the soldier and heal him quickly.

Crouch down and look for the spacebar option to start treating his wounds and then continue on to the next room

Eliminate all enemies in the room.

When your reach the objective room, use [Spacbar] to secure the objective to stop the clock

Run out and to the next building.

head outside to the next course.

Pick up the flash grenades.

Once the door opens, go in and start the course.

The timer will start when you open the first door.

Shoot down the enmies that appear.

continue through the course and eliminate all enemies in the area.

Eliminate all enemies to complete the course and talk to your drill sargeant for results.

Press Spacebar to talk to your drill sargeant to get your results.

Click Continue to complete your Basic Combat Training.