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Among The Sleep Walkthrough Prologue

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After being placed back in your crib, turn around and point towards the beach ball behind you. Press and hold RB then remove the ball from the tunnel and crawl through it.

Exit into the otherside of the tunnel and turn left, you'll see a red and blue platform. Stand in front of the platform and climb up by pressing A.

Climb up the fence and drop down on the opposite side, then make your way to the drawer where your mom placed the gift box. Once there, point to the bottom most drawer and press RB then drag it open.

Climb up the drawer and lift the gift box. Keep dragging the box until it falls on the floor, you'll find that it's empty.

Turn around and head for the chest near your crib. Lift up the cover of the chest and you'll find Teddy inside.

Follow him over to the otherside of the room and he'll ask you to cover your eyes. Press ESC to do this and you'll be brought to the game menu.

Press ESC again to leave the game menu and head towards the back of the chest that you found Teddy in. Drag the pink elephant from behind it.

Follow him once again towards your crib and pull out the bottom drawer. Climb up the drawer and interact with the musicbox.

Eventually Teddy will start heading towards the book to the left of your crib. Follow him and listen to his story, then head for the train and press the red button to start the train. The button is near the caterpillar.

Teddy will now ask you to carry him. Put your pointer at him and press RB to carry him.

Head towards the closet at the foot of your bed and push the stool towards the left. Then drag the closet door open and hide inside.

Once inside the cabinet, click on the door again and drag it towards you. You have to shut the door completely or it won't trigger the next scene.

Hug teddy and make your way to the back of the cabinet. Teddy gives off a faint light whenever you hug him, which can help you navigate through dark areas.

You'll eventually find another door and you mom will come and get you. It'll be bed time after she finds you.