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Aquaria Walkthrough Mithalas Cathedral (Basement)

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Save at the Save Crystal, switch to Song Form then head into the current.

Pass the poison vents, immediately hug the left wall.

Stay by the top wall to get to the upper tunnel at the first split.

Once enter it, stay by the bottom wall to activate three Song Plants.

At the next split, head up, and hug the immediate right/bottom wall. There's another Song Plant containing Arcane Poultice, here.

Go back into the current, make sure to hug the left wall before you reach the third split to take the upper passage. Stay by the top wall, into upper passage at the fourth split.

You'll come to a calm room, containing a Save Crystal and a Song Plant. The upper left tunnel leads you to the beginning of the Cathedral.

After save your game, head down, and let the current carry you left, then all the way around (till the third split again).

This time take the lower passage at the third split. Hug left/top wall, to find one more Arcane Poultice in the Song Plant.

Follow the current and keep going left. Make sure you are at full health, as you have to encounter the Mithala, the god of the Mithalans.

Begin by shooting him back as far as he will go,

then switching to Song Form, bind the bloated mutant. Drag it towards him, then let it go.

Return to Energy Form again, then fire. When he is at the back, he will use his Suck attack, and accidently eat the poisonous mutant. This will causing him a damage.

Switch to Song Form, equip the shield. Now let him walk forward as far as he'll go, and eventually he'll spit a Merman mutant. Lure the mutant to the poisonous gas to transform them. Repeat these process three times.

Once repeated three times, the God's eye will fall out. You can shoot him in Energy Form, but it's too risky. The easier way - use your shield to bounce his huge fire balls back at him. That kills him. When he is dead you get a vision about the destruction of Mithalas.

You've learn the Beast Form song [Hotkey 3].

Head to the back of the cave to find a Save Crystal.

Take the current up to appear back in Mithalas City.