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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Behind Closed Doors

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There are a ton of enemies to kill in this mission. There are squads of guards roaming about outside the walls. Fortunately you've got an army of your own.

The first thing is to climb up on the roof of the nearby building and take out the archers.

Let your men worry about the guards on the ground.

When you can assassinate them. Taking them out quickly will save you a lot of time.

Help your mercenaries take out the guards on the ground. When they are dead go back up to the roof you were on previously.

Jump from this roof to the wall.

Wait until the guard on the wall walks by, then assassinate him.

Run down the wall to the South.

Hang over the edge and wait for the next guard.

Assassinate this guard.

Once again move down the wall.

Hang off the edge and assassinate this guard. When you assassinate this guard, the guards at the gate will notice and come after you.

Jump down assassinating two of them on your jump.

Finish the other two guards off.

Go back to the place where you last assassinated a guard on the wall. Climb over the gate house. There is a guard on the other side of it. Take him out quickly.

Then climb back on the wall and go over the gate house. There's a guard waiting on the other side of the gate house.

There are three guards roaming around the West side of the House. Take them out.

Then climb back on to the wall and wait for the last guard walking the wall to return to you for assassination.

Okay now the wall should be clear of guards.

Jump off of the wall into the pile of hay.

There are a ton of guards roaming around here. Wait until they've mainly got their backs to you.

Then jump out of the hay and open the gate.

Your troops will pour into the castle allowing you time to take out the guy you came here to assassinate.

He is tough, so just counter slug him until he goes down.

Behind Closed Doors should now be Synched.

The Cowl Does Not Make The Monk

Go towards the church.

Climb up the wall here.

They forgot to put guards on the roof, which makes this mission very easy.

Run down this rooftop.

There is a cart full of leaves. Dive in to it.

This cart will place you very close to the person you need to kill.

Turn on you eagle eye vision. The guy you need to kill will be gold.

Wait for him to walk by your cart.

Then hop out and complete your mission.

After he dies, take off running. Lose the guards, and the mission will be over.

The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk will now be Synched.