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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Town Crier

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Climb up on the roofs. There are a couple guards on the lower roofs that you will have to take out. Just run around the lower roofs for a bit taking out guards.

When you have killed the guards on the lower level, go to the location on the map shown by Ezio.

You should be on a wall with a pully to your left. You should be facing south at the base of a tower.

Climb up to the pull, and then to the rope above you.

Run down the rope to the tower with two archers on it. We are going to remove all of the archers from all of the towers, or they will shoot you off the tall tower when you try to climb it.

Wall run up to the top of the tower.

I assassinated the wrong guard here. It's best if you take out the one standing in the corner. If you do it when the other guards back is turned, you can assassinate both of them. That's the best way to avoid a fight.

Take out the second guard.

Fall back down to the rope. Hold circle so that Ezio grabs the next handhold below.

Run back across the rope to the tower you started on.

Wall run up and grab the nearest stone. Then swing to your left twice.

Move down so you can get around the corner.

Go around the coner, and climb up to the stone above you.

Once again move to your left, and go around the corner.

Move to the center stone, and then climb up the window on this wall.

Move around the corner.

Go across the wall, and then climb up at the far side.

Climb around the corner again. You can either go that way or jump across to the pole with the feather on it. I'm trying not to collect feathers until I do the guide for feathers in this section.

Jump to the middle stone and grab the edge of the roof.

Assassinate the guard that's standing above you, when the other guard has his back to you.

Assassinate the other guard.

Jump across to the nearby tower.

Climb to the top of it. It's a straight climb directly to the top. Oh look there's two more guards up here. Kill both of them. It doesn't really matter how you do it.

I assassinated one by sneeking up behind him, and then fought the last one.

When they are both dead drop down to the rope attached to the corner of this tower.

Two guards will see you drop down to the rope.

Run down the rope, and then jump to the tower they are standing on.

Take both of these guards out.

Jump back to the rope you were previously on.

Continue down the rope to the next tower.

Wall run up to the corner ledge.

Move to the right, and then climb up to the edge of the roof.

We've got two more archers up here. Go ahead and take them out.

I jumped down to the lower tower. It will hurt you if you do this. You can scale down to the rope, and then jump from the rope to the lower tower. Basically at this point we've killed all the archers we've needed to. So now we can assault the main tower.

Wheeee!!! Ouch I think I broke my leg. Anyways. You'll see a rope running from this tower to the main tower, in this picture.

Drop down to it.

Run across to the main tower.

And wall run up. Climb until you get to the corner ledge.

Swing around the ledge to your left.

Move to the left most brick. Then start climbing up.

Climb as far as you can, and then move back to the right.

Once again swing around the corner.

Move to the center, and then climb the window to the wooden platform.

There are three guards up here. Just climb up and fight them.

Be careful not to fall. Also the priest will jump down and join the fight. When you kill him, you will complete this mission.

And that will do it.

Town Crier should now be synched.