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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough San Marco Scuttle

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This is another race. I'll try to show you all of the waypoints to hit. It's usually better to slow down to a run during difficult turns in a race. Otherwise you will most likely spend time making costly corrections due to slight miscalculations.

Run up and around the corner to the right.

Run around the corner to the left. Try not to hit any people.

Run up the boxes to the right. This is a tough part you might want to take a couple of extra seconds on the next couple waypoints so you don't miss your jumps.

Jump across the three beams.

Keep traversing the beams.

Still making the jumps across the beams. Some where in here you might want to pause to reorient yourself.

You are going to jump to a beam, then a platform, and then round the corner to the left. Where you will continue to jump to beams.

Here's a beam and another waypoint.

And finally after you reach the last platform you will be done with beams for a bit. Don't pay attenshion to my clock. It took me two passes to complete the race, because my capture device locked up.

Climb the wall, cross the roof, and then climb the next wall.

Go through the waypoint here.

This rope is slightly left of the last waypoint.

Turn to the left after you cross the rope, for your next waypoint.

Jump to the top of the stove pipe. Then to the roof below the next waypoint.

Ignore all the guards on this run. You just don't have time to deal with them.

Take a little extra time here to orient yourself to this rope bridge.

Cross it to the next waypoint.

Jump across to this ruined building.

Climb the wall on your left.

Run through the next waypoint.

The next waypoint is another flat out sprint away.

Line yourself up right here. You are not jumping to the balcony. You are jumping to the roof next to it.

That will save you a couple seconds.

The next waypoint is on the bridge to the left.

There's another waypoint at a free run to your right.

Run this way, and you'll see the next waypoint on top of a chimmney.

I climbed to the top of the chimney. It seemed to make things a little easier.

Jump from here to the top of the ruined building.

And from there to the next corner of the ruined building.

Jump from there to the next waypoint.

Continue in the same direction directly off the edge of this roof.

Jump to the ground and continue your flat out sprint.

Round this slight corner to the left, and then round the corner to the right.

Avoid the mobs of people, and hit all the waypoints on the ground. You should be able to do this while free running.

Here's a waypoint.

And the next one.

We need to run up these boxes, and take to the rooftops again.

You can see the next waypoint on this screenshot.

Climb up on to the roof.

This guard is going to get pissed at you. Run through the waypoint on your right.

Here's another shot of the waypoint on your right..

The next waypoint is on the roof below you to the left.

The one after that is on the lower church roof.

We are getting close to finished with the race.

Run down this roof, and then turn to your left.

Climb up to the next waypoint.

Climb up again to the next waypoint.

Climb up the ladder.

At the top is the final waypoint.

San Marco Scuttle should now by synched.