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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

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A green area will appear on your map. Go to it.

There will be a bunch of people in the square. They are getting ready to have church. Turn on your eagle vision to find the target.

You'll see him close to the front of the group.

After you locate the target, you'll get a cut scene. The templars will attack Lorenzo de'Medici and his brother. They kill his brother.

There are a ton of guards you have to kill here. Keep an on on Lorenzo's health bar. It will appear as six blue dots. You need to take out the guards before it becomes empty.

Counter the guards or even better yet, sneek up behind them and stick them in the back.

It's a long battle as there are a lot of guards.

The last guy you have to kill is the Francesco.

Unfortunately when his health runs out he runs off.

A couple more guards will attack Lorenzo. Defeat them and you'll get a cutscene.

Lorenzo is hurt, and you need to lead him to safety.

There will be lots of fights on your way. Take out the guards you come across on your way to Lorenzo's home.

You'll free up friendly guards by doing this, and they will help protect Lorenzo.

Keep killing guards and working your way towards the golden waypoint.

You'll have to travel down some narrow streets before you get there.

Eventually you'll get to the waypoint.

A large cutscene will follow where Lorenzo asks you to kill Francesco. Well that'll be no problem.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing should now be synched.

Farewell Francesco

The different faction of guards will still be fighting around the city. There's a gold waypoint on your map. Make your way to it.

The way point is on top of a building overlooking the court yard where your family was killed.

When you enter the waypoint you will get a cutscene of Francesco asking his guards to kill you.

After the cut scene, make your way to the back of the church/prision where your dad was held.

Climb up on to the back of the buliding. If you are good at combat, just climb up and attack the guards.

I think there are five or six of them. Sometimes the straight forward approach is the best. Alternatively you can sneek around without climbing on to the this level and assassinate a few guards. You'll eventually have to get involved in some combat here.

When the guards are dead, climb up and take out the solo guard facing away.

Continue your climb. You'll find four more guards up here. They are all standing in a group.

You might be able to lure one away from the group if you want to. Alternatively you can just jump up and kill them.

Honestly they go down fairly fast.

Francesco will be standing close to the edge of the tower.

He'll jump over the side as you get close. He'll land in a pile of hay. Follow him.

The jump is just another leap of faith.

He's off like a shot, but you are faster than he is this time.

He will run by a bunch of enemy guards. Keep going.

He runs up these crates and beams to a nearby rooftop.

You might want to select your hidden blade here. He's easy to assassinate once you hit the roof.

And that is the end of Francesco.

You'll get another cutscene. Farewell Francesco will now be synched.