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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Florence 1478 Feathers

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Feather 1 map.

Feather 1 photo.

Feather 2 map.

Feather 2 photo.

Feather 3 map.

Feather 3 photo. The feather is just below Ezio here.

Feather 4 map.

Feather 4 photo.

Feather 5 map.

Feather 5 photo.

Feather 6 map.

Feather 6 photo.

Feather 7 map.

Feather 7 photo.

Feather 8 map.

Feather 8 photo. Jump across the gap here.

Then run up the wall and jump at the top of your run to grab the feather.

You will land on the beam the feather was on.

Feather 9 map.

Okay this feather is rather hard to get. You've got to run up the wall, and at the top of the wall press X and press left on your movement stick at the same time.

You will end up jumping to the left, to grab the next beam.

Feather 9 photo. Do that twice and you'll get the feather.