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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Novella's Secret

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Activate the switch to open the grate.

The middle block will fall, and the side blocks will raise, while the door opens.

Climb through the door.

Jump off the edge of the stair here.

You'll grab the pole and jump two several beams before you get to the next platform.

Once again jump from beam to beam until you reach the next platform.

There will be a pole you need to swing on as well.

You will end up hanging on a wall. Climb up to the top of the platform.

Once again flip the switch here.

You will see another grate raise.

Go ahead and move through the center column.

Alright jump from beam to beam to get to the next platform.

I guess there are two beams and a pole you have to cross before you get to the next platform.

When you are there, once again flip the switch.

I take the easy way down. Hang from the edge of the platform here and drop.

You'll get a cutscene before you hit the bottom, and you will not be hurt.

In the next room jump up these broken pillars.

You'll hit the wall. Climb up this section of wall.

Then start swinging to your left.

Eventually you will wind up on this ledge.

When the guard gets close, reach up and pull him off the ledge.

I walk up and assinate this guard from up on this ledge. Be aware that there is some buggy issues going on here. You might find yourself teleported to a different ledge when you assassinate him.

Okay jump to the pole and then across the two beams.

Move to the very right on the last beam. You need to aim correctly here.

You are trying to grab this rope. It will swing you around the column and you'll drop to the ground.

You land right next to the first plunger switch. Go ahead and flip this switch.

There's a treasure in the hole below you, so jump down there and get it.

Climb up the wall here.

You'll grab a brick, then jump or maneuver your way on to this platform.

Climb on to the little balcony.

Jump from the beam to the suspended coffin.

There are some beams to your left. Cross them to the next platform.

Here's the next switch. Trigger it.

I just jump down into the pool as a quick way down.

Make your way up and then take care of the three guards in this room. The guard who threatened to run if he heard anything will not run until these guys are dead.

When the guards who attacked you are all dead, get ready to chase the last guard.

Alright. There's no way you are going to catch this guy. The best you can do is follow him. Don't worry about lagging too far behind. He will stop and wait for you.

Follow the guard over the rubble.

Jump across the gaps while continuing to follow him.

The ground will fall out from underneth you here.

The guy drops a huge grate in your way. I guess you'll have to go around it.

Turn to your right and jump out to the rope.

Climb up the blocks here.

You'll jump up and grab the beam, and then climb on top of it.

Then you'll jump across to the pole and land on the floor on the other side.

He will eventually drop another grate in front of you.

Go out to the balcony, and jump across to the wooden beams.

Jump to the second wooden beam, and then to the rope swing.

Once again he will drop a grate in front of you.

This time climb the stone steps in the room to your left.

Keep following him until he drops a door in front of you. He will alert the other guards, and now you'll have a bunch of them to deal with.

Climb up the wooden platform.

Go through this area to get above the guards.

There are five guards below you. I start off by assassinating one of them.

Kill the others and then move on.

Run up the wall to the next skull handle. Trigger it.

You'll get a cut scene here.

After the cutscene continue down the hallway. You'll find your first assassin's tomb.

There are also several treasure chests scattered throughout the area.

Loot everything.

When you are finished go out the glowing door in the tomb.

Novella's Secret should now be synched.