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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough See You There

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La Volpe, the fox, will start immediately running up the side of a buliding. Your job is to follow him.

He is now waiting for you at the top of the building. So follow him up to that location.

Enter the waypoint on the platform he is standing on.

He will take off again, and you are forced to lamely wait for him to get where he is going before you can start following.

This time you need to get to his location in one minute. So you've got a timer you need to beat.

Run across these beams.

Run out on this beam, and then jump to the other building.

Start going towards his waypoint.

Make a fairly straight line for it.

The key to getting there in time is to use two rope walkways. Here is the first one.

Here is the second one.

The waypoint is just ahead.

You'll get another cut scene with La Volpe.

See you there should now be synched. To start the next mission, go down to the skull, and use O to activate it..