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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Florence 1478 Codex Pages

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The first codex page is located where Ezio is standing on the map shown here.

There are tons of guards around this codex page, so the best way to get it is to hire some courtesans.

Forturenately there is a group of girls really close to the guards guarding the page. So hire them.

Use L1 to target the guards.

Then press Triangle to have the girls distract the guards.

While they are doing that walk by the guards, and into the room.

Loot the page and then get back out before the guards realize what's happening.

It takes them a while to get tired of cute girls. Go figure, just how it works in real life as well.

Codex page 2.

Here's the map for codex page 2.

You'll see that there's three guards guarding the page, and three more guards roaming the area.

We could fight this out, but why bother. There are some girls close by that you can use to distract the guards.

Run down this alley way.

Take a slight left veer and then continue forward. You'll see the courtesans down here.

Hire them, and go back the way you came. You'll probably lose a girl or two to these guards here.

Be sure to move fast so you don't lose the rest of your girls to the roaming guards.

Use L1 to target one of the guards guarding the codex page. Then press triangle to have the girls distract them.

When they are doing that run behind them in to the room.

Grab the codex page, and then make your exit.

Take the pages to Leonardo, now that you've got both of them.