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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Monteriggioni Villa Treasure

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When you've upgraded this city to have a painter, visit his shop. Buy the Monteriggioni map.

Treasure 1 map.

Climb up the wall here. It's a pretty direct climb up.

You'll reach a window eventually. The treasure is inside of the room on top of the tower.

Treasure 1 photo.

Treasure 2 and 3 map.

Inside of your room there are two treasures right next to each other. This will be Treasure 2 and 3 photo.

Treasure 4 map.

Treasure 4 photo.

Treasure 5 map.

Treasure 5 photo.

Treasure 6 and 7 map.

Treasures 6 and 7 only become available once you have the church open.

To get to them climb up the wall opposite the treasures.

Then back jump to the beam in the middle of the church.

Pull yourself up and cross to the treasures.

Treasures 6 and 7 photo.

Treasure 8 map.

Treasure 8 photo.

Treasure 9 map.

Treasure 9 photo.

Treasure 10 map.

Treasure 10 photo.

Treasure 11 and 12 map.

Run up the wall here to get to 11 and 12.

Move to the side to reach the wooden beam.

Then wall run up to the ledge above you. Climb through the window to get the two treasures.

Here's a photo of treasures 11 and 12.

Treasures 13 and 14 map.

Climb up on the wall here.

Then jump to the beam over the door way.

Wall run up the wall, and then climb through the window.

Treasure 13 and 14 photo.

Treasure 15 is just sitting on the wall. Here's the map.

Treasure 15 photo.

Treasure 16 is outside the wall.

Treasure 16 photo.

Treasure 17 and 18 map.

Wall run up to the wooden edge.

Shimmy over to the wooden beam. Then wall run from that up to the window.

The treasures are inside the room at the top.

Treasures 17 and 18 photos.

Treasure 19 map.

Climb up the wall here.

You'll be able to climb pretty directly up to the window. This is an easy climb.

Treasure 19 photo.

Treasure 20 map.

Treasure 20 photo.

Treasure 21 map.

Treasure 21 photo.

Treasure 22 map.

Treasure 22 photo.

Treasure 23 map.

Treasure 23 photo.

Treasure 24 and 25

Go into the mine outside of the city.

Jump across to the ledge.

And again to the next ledge.

Jump to the beam.

Pull yourself on top of the beam, and then walk to your right.

Jump to the wall on the right.

Shimmy as far as you can.

Then back jump to the next ledge.

Jump to the beam to get to the treasures.

Here's a photo of treasure 24 and 25.

Treasure 26 and 27 map.

You can only get these two treasures after the well is open.

Climb down the well.

Walk out on the plank, and wall run up the pillar.

Go across the beam.

Climb down this pillar, and go out on the bar to your left.

Swing and jump to the next ledge.

Jump across to the next pillar.

Jump to the wall and then shimmy over to the hole in the wall.

Jump through that hole.

Jump out from the ledge to the beam in the room.

Jump from the beam to the next column.

Jump to the next ledge, and then to the area with the treasure in it.

Treasure 26 and 27 photo.