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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough What Goes Around

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Follow Mario. He will lead you to the castle walls.

Climb up these crates, and then wall run up the wall.

Select your throwing daggers.

Use L1 to target the archer, and then use square to kill him with a dagger.

Do the same thing on the second archer.

When the are dead, jump down and activate the gate.

A guard will run at you here. Kill him and then go outside and finish off the rest of the guards.

When they are all dead Mario and his men will come inside the city. He will ask you to take four of his men and kill these guards.

It's pretty easy to take them out. Counter kills work on all of them. You can also just come up behind them and kill them while they are fighting Mario's men.

When they are all dead, a waypoint will appear on the screen. Go to it.

At the waypoint you will find one of Mario's solders who has been wounded. He will tell you that your uncle is in trouble.

You'll enter the plaza where a ton of guards are attacking Mario and his men. Help Mario out by killing all of the guards.

Once again these guys are all subjective to counter attacks.

When they are all dead, Mario will ask you to go find the guy you are here to kill.

A new waypoint will appear on your map. Go to it.

You'll get a cutscene with all of the usual suspects.

When the cutscene is done, Mario will attack the guards.

The guy you want to kill is up on this tower on the wall.

I ended up going outside and climbing up the tower wall that way.

It's a pretty easy climb.

There he is with his two guards.

I attempted to assassinate him here, but they don't really want you to assassinate him. The second you get on top of the tower, he will attack you.

A bunch of guards will join as well.

Go into defensive mode, and just counter them until they are dead.

It doesn't take very long, they seem happy to attack you and die.

When he's the only one left, I switch to my hidden blade. Then I counter attack for the quick kill.

And here's a shot of him dying.

You will get a cut scene.

What goes around should now be synched.