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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Practice Makes Perfect

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The first skill you will learn is called the quickstep. Don't try to quickstep when your opponent is swinging a sword at you. Instead try to quickstep around him before he does.

The second skill you learn is called the counter kill. It's pretty easy, hopefully one that you've been using since the start of the game. Just hold R1 and then press square when someone swings a sword at you.

The third skill you learn is called the taunt. If you find yourself up against a guard who is constantly blocking, try taunting him.

The last skill you will learn is how to escape. This can be very handy if you are surrounded by enemies. Just hold R1 and X while moving away to escape.

You will end up running away from the guy attacking you.

Now you get to fight Mario to prove your worth. To beat him, just repeatly counter him. Eventually you will do enough damage to take him down.

It's slow, but effective.

After you fight Mario, you will get a cutscene.

Mario storms off. Go find him. There's a waypoint on your map pointing to his supposed location.

When you get there, there is a guard instead of him.

Practice makes perfect should now be synched.