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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Republica Fiorentina 1476 Feathers

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Feather 1 photo.

Feather 2 map.

Feather 2 photo.

Feather 3 map.

Feather 3 photo.

Feather 4 map.

Feather 4 photo.

Feather 5 map.

Feather 5 photo.

Feather 6 map.

Feather 6 photo.

Feather 7 map.

"Feather 7 photo.

Feather 8 map.

Feather 8 photo.

This last feather is hard to get. Climb up the door to the left of the feather.

Move to the thing in the corner. Then push up to climb higher up.

Push right and up on the stick, and you will climb to the level that the feather is at.

It's easy to collect the last feather from here.