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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Birds of a Feather

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This quest involves eves dropping on your targets. You have to tail them for quite some time, and it's rather difficult. You do not have to worry about the guards attacking you on sight. But you do have to pass through several groups of guards. The guys you are eves dropping on are pretty sensitive to spotting you.

Tail your targets by moving from group to group blending into them.

Skip to the next group of people. I will try to show you exactly where to move to get through this mission.

Here's the next group of people to move to.

You'll have some guards walk right into this group.

Move to the group by the wall.

When your targets move around the corner, leave the groups. Walk forward and hire the courtesans. They will provide you cover that will come with you. Unfortunately there are so many guards here, that the girls will be constantly stripped off of you by them.

When you get out of range of the guys you are following a twenty five second timer will appear.

Keep moving for as long as you can with the girls. They will most likely be stripped off of you here.

Move forward and hire the next group of girls.

These girls will hide you until your targets move again.

Follow your targets.

Use the girls to distract the four guards here. It would probably be better to get them close, and have them bump into the guards. That way you only lose two girls instead of the four you lose when you send them in. I sent them in for some reason.

Now that those guards are distracted, move forward.

Here is a guard moving on the left. Just walk through the tunnel ahead. Make sure to stay well behind the targets you are tailing.

Move to this group of people on the right.

Before you follow your targets any further hire the courtesans to your right.

Again tail the group you are following.

Your targets will move past another line of guards. Send your girls in to distract them.

Your targets have stopped on top of the bridge. Wait by the edge of the wall. Keep sticking your head out to make the timer reset. When the move to the other side of the bridge move forward.

There are some guards here, and your targets will walk around the corner to the left.

Jump to the beams crossing the water to the next bridge.

Your targets will pass by this tunnel. When your targets have passed by, run down and hire the girls.

Follow your targets.

Guards will come by and strip the girls off of you. Hide in this group of people, until your targets move away.

Then go hire the next group of girls. Hurry to catch up with your targets.

They will round the corner and continue talking.

once again the girls will get stripped from you. Fortunately there is another group of girls on the other side of this bridge.

Keep tailing your targets. Once again some girls will get stripped from you.

Keep moving forward. There are lots of guys with boxes here. I throw change to get them out of the way.

Your targets are moving off to the left.

You'll walk up this bridge and then get a cut scene. I don't know why you didn't just kill all four of them while they were grouped. I guess it does make a longer game to take them out one at a time.

Birds of a Feather will now be synched.