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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough If At First You Don't Succeed...

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Okay Antonio is going to follow you to the waypoint that is marked on the map.

You might have to tell him to stop/follow before he will move. I had to.

Here is the waypoint shown on your map.

The guards will not attack as you or Antonio on sight. So you can run right by them.

The waypoint is outside of the building you will be trying to enter.

This is the palace you are trying to break into.

You will get a cut scene here.

After the cut scene move to the next waypoint.

The next waypoint is at the back of a nearby tower.

After the cut scene another waypoint will appear on your map.

This one is at the top of a tower that had a viewpoint on it.

Climb up the corner here. You can climb up this corner all the way to the bell tower.

Climb in to the bell tower.

Wall run up to the ledge here, and then shimmy around to the outside wall.

Climb up the ladder, and get on the roof.

Here's the waypoint at the top of the tower.

Wait for Antiono. When he gets there the waypoint will trigger.

When the conversation is over, leap of faith to get off of the tower.

Then go wait at the base of the tower for Antonio to catch up to you. You can't be too far away from him or you will lose him.

Go to the next waypoint on your map.

This waypoint is located at the far side of the place you are trying to enter.

Another wayponit will appear on the roof of the palace.

Here's the map location of it.

Climb up the boxes, and then jump to the platform.

Jump to the next platform.

Cross the platforms until you are on the roof.

Here's the last platform you will have to jump to.

Wall run up to the roof.

Walk to the waypoint. You'll get another cut scene here.

If at first you don't succeed will now be synched.

Venice San Marco Codex Page

There is only one codex page in this area. Here's the map of it's location.

There are four guards gaurding this codex page. You can just go kill them, along with the other four guards that patrol this area. Alternatively there's a group of courtesans near by.

Here's a shot of the four guards that patrol this area.

Go this way and around the corner.

Cross the bridge.

The girls are here. Wait for this group of patroling guards to pass, and then hire the girls.

Go back towards the codex page.

When the roaming gaurds are not in your way, walk up this bridge. The girls will follow you.

Wait for the guards to pass below you.

Follow the guards to the guards gaurding the codex page.

Then send the girls to distract the ones guarding the codex page.

You'll get a two for one deal as the guards roaming will be distracted as well.

Walk in and loot the codex page. Then take that page to Leonardo for decrypting.