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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Venice San Marco Treasure

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Go to a painter and buy the San Marco treasure map.

Treasure 1 Map

Treasure 1 Photo

Treasure 2 Map

Treasure 2 Photo

Treasure 3 Map

Treasure 3 Photo

Treasure 4 Map

Treasure 4 Photo

Treasure 5 Map

Treasure 5 Photo

Treasure 6 and 7 Map

Use the courtesans to distract the guards.

Treasure 6 and 7 Photo

Treasure 8 Map

Treasure 8 Photo

Treasure 9 Map

Treasure 9 Photo

Treasure 10 and 11 Map

Treasure 10 and 11 Photo. Get on the boat, and take out the two brutes guarding the treasure.

Treasure 12 Map

Treasure 12 Photo

Treasure 13 Map

Swim to this location. There are two guards guarding this treasure. Take them out.

Treasure 13 Photo

Treasure 14 Map

Treasure 14 Photo

Treasure 15 and 16. I forgot to map these two. But there are four guards standing in front of the location.

Go down this alley way.

Turn to your left, to find a group of courtesans.

You can see him in gold on this screenshot.

Use the girls to distract the guards.

Treasure 15 and 16 photo.

Treasure 17 Map

Treasure 17 Photo

Treasure 18 Map

Treasure 18 Photo

Treasure 19 Photo

There's no need to kill the guard here. Just approach this area from the palace side. Climb the columns.

Treasure 19 Photo. Then go loot the treasure.

Treasure 20 Map

Tresure 20 Photo

Treasure 21 Map

Treasure 21 Photo. You will have to kill a couple guards to get this treasure. I think there were about eight of them. You can't really distract them, because it's a restricted area.

Treasure 22 Map

Treasure 22 Map

Treasure 22 Photo

Treasure 23 Map

Treasure 23 Photo. Guards will alert when you take the treasure. So be prepared to kill a few guards.

Treasure 24 Map

Treasure 24 Photo. To get here climb the palace as you did in If At First You Don't Succeed. We show you how to do that in our guide for that mission.