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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Blade In The Crowd

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You really want to start this mission from this assassination bird cage.

Three green circles will appear on your map. This is a target located in each of them, and you've got three minutes to kill all three targets.

Jump to the ground. It doesn't matter if you get hurt. Time is of the essence.

Your first target, or the that is closest to the bird cage, roams this area.

He also roams by the water front here.

You can see him in gold here.

Select your poison and poison him.

Don't wait around for him to die, just move on to the next target.

Your next target roams the steps here, and the walkway to the left.

And here he is. Poision him, and then move on to the last target.

I found the last guy here, slightly South of the palace.

Poision this last target to end the mission.

Blade in the Crowd should be synched.