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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Everything Must Go

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Five targets will have appeared on your map. They are archers you need to take down. Since they are archers they will all be on the roof tops.

Grab a boat, and make your way to the archers.

I usually start with the target selected in the screenshot and work my way around.

Start here under that target and climb up to the roof.

The target saw me when I was on this balcony. It doesn't matter if he sees you, as long as you kill him.

This guy jumped down to the balcony I was on. One down four to go.

Climb up and work your way around to the left.

Keep working your way around.

Evetually you will be in front of your next target. Assassinate him.

Keep working your way to the left. You can see your next target on the next roof. He will walk from one side of his platform to the other.

When he's walking away from you, round the corner and drop to the roof below you.

Run over to the roof he's on, and wall run up to the ledge.

Once again move to the left, until you are under him.

There's a spot on the wall you have to wait for him to have his back to you to cross. When he has his back to you cross to the white building.

When you are under this target assassinate him. We have two targets to go.

You can see your next target walking across the roof to your left.

When he turns to the left, pull yourself up on to the roof.

Then quickly cross this roof to the back of this building.

Hang off of the ledge, and then work your way to the right.

Drop on to the roof below you here.

Cross the little walkway. Hello screen grabber screw up!

Climb to the roof to your left, and then start working your way to your left.

Once again when you are under this target assassinate him.

We've got one target left.

Since there's only one guards left, I just go kill him. He can't alert any of his friends, so it becomes really easy to take him out.

I hung on the back of the building until he had his back facing me.

Then I went for the behind the back kill.

A new waypoint has appeared on your map. It's on the ground floor, so drop down and talk to the guy leading this assassination.

He tells you it's time to kill Emilio.

Hire the courteans or the thieves.

You'll find a heavily guarded entrance around the corner from your last waypoint.

Here's a map of the entrance I'm talking about.

The guards are distracted. You can pass them by, and climb the wall directly in front of Ezio here.

Wall run up the wall, and grab the ledge above you.

Use the Climb Leap to get to the grate above you.

Move over to this small balcony. Then assassinate the guard posted here.

From this balcony continue to the right.

There's another balcony here with a guard roaming inside.

Wait for the guard to get close, and then assassinate him.

Climb into the balcony.

You'll get a cut scene here.

Exit the other side of the balcony. Kill this guard as quickly as you can. If you do it right, he will not alert any of the other guards below you.

Your target is around the courtyard below you.

Walk to the East and then the North. You are just trying to get close to your target so you can take him out.

Your target is right around this corner.

Forget about the guards, and just take your Emilio out.

There it's done.

Everything Must Go will now be synched.