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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough In Bocca Al Lupo

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Run up the boxes.

Climb up to the pole.

Jump to the second pole, and then to the platform.

Jump to the hand holds on the wall.

Climb up the bricks.

Jump to the wooden pole on the right.

Climb up the wooden beam.

Wall run up to this ledge.

Move to the left, and around the slight corner.

Climbing jump up to the next hand hold.

Climb up to the edge of the parphet.

Start assassinating guards who are on top of this tower.

When all of the guards are dead, pull the lever that is on the wall.

The gate will end up opening.

There are two guards in this next section for you to take out. Loot these guards, because you will be able to find anything you use on them.

When they are dead, run up these boxes.

Jump from the beam, to the rail, to the next beam.

Then jump to the wall, and assassinate the guard here.

Climb on to the balcony, and pull the switch.

The gate below you will open. Go through that gate.

There are tons of guards in this next section.

I guess there were only five or six. I poped some smoke, and then used my hidden blades to assassinate the four guards.

That was easy.

When the guards are all dead, climb up to the waypoint.

You'll jump down and on to a horse.

Ride the horse forward. Watch out, because the guards may cause the horse to trip. The first time that ever happened to me was on this wall.

Avoid the guards, and then jump the gap.

After the horse tripped I had to kill the guards that were chasing me.

I would imagine that if the horse didn't trip, I could have run all the way past all of these towers.

When all of the guards are dead, run up these crates. Wall run up.

Climbing jump from here to the next set of hand holds.

Climb up to the top of the tower.

There are always a couple guards at the top of these towers. You can climb each tower in the exact same manner you climbed this one.

Kill the guards on top of the tower.

Dive in to the pile of hay on the far side of the tower.

Wall run up and grab the window.

Climb to the top of the building here.

Assassinate the two guards standing here.

Move farther down the wall, and kill the next two guards.

Climb the next tower, and kill the guards at the top of it.

Oh, I guess there is a waypoint at this tower. Okay, walk in to the waypoint, and then kill the guard.

One more guard bites the dust.

Dive into the pile of hay.

Kill the guard who walks by.

Move to the next pile of hay.

Kill the next guard.

Get out of the hay and kill the two roaming guards.

Climb the scaffolding.

Climb up the window, and the the rail.

Climb to the top of the tower. Kill the guards up here.

You can be sneeky and assassinate these guys, or just flat out kill them.

Jump down and kill the next guard that's waiting below.

Wall run up the wall.

Take the guard on the top of this tower.

Assassinate these two guards to get off of the top of the tower. I think there are eight additional guards who will come running when you do this.

Wait for them to all get there, and then pop a smoke bomb.

Switch back to your hidden blade.

Start assassinating them while they are distracted by the smoke. There are a lot of guards here. I had to pop a second smoke bomb to kill almost all of them.

When they are all dead climb up the scafolding here.

Flip the switch on the wall.

A gate will open below you.

Walk to the far end of the room. Make sure you walk, don't run.

Both of the guards down here have their backs to you. So stay to the center of the room, and you don't have to worry about blending.

I poisioned the guard in front of the switch here.

Then pull the switch.

Blend with the first group of monks, so you can get the lay of the land.

Move from group of monks to group of monks.

There is a guard walking in a circle up ahead. You want to follow this guy, when the time is right.

Follow him around the wall.

You should come out behind all the guards.

Walk over and pull the switch.

Go through the gate and then to the right, before the guard gets too mad at you.

Move forward.

Walk out on to the boards on your right.

Jump to the platform, and then to the platform on your right.

Run down the rope bridge.

Jump to the next platform.

Assassinate the pope.

Well that should have got the job done, but didn't.

You've created four copies of yourself. When the pope is fighting another you, stick him in the back with your sword.

Repeat this until you get another cut scene.

Okay he took everything you had and ran off. Great. Trigger your eagle eye vision to locate the switches.

Trigger both switches.

A secret room will open up.

Enter the room for another cut scene.

You get to fight the pope again. For some reason you decided to discard all of your weapons. Why? Who knows. Anyways, this guy is pretty easy to beat this time.

Just keep counter attacking him. Eventually you will do enough damage to get him down to one life dot.

Grabbing him and headbutting him works as well.

Eventually you will be asked to press square to finish him off.

You don't finish him off though. You let him live for some reason. After all the umpteen billion guards you've killed. You let this dirtbag live. Sweet.

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