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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough All Things Come To He Who Waits

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There is a courier below you. You need to tail him.

This guy mainly sticks to the ground, so I dropped to the ground right away.

He runs fairly quick occasionally, but then he will slow down to a walk as well.

I'm not going to show you every screenshot of me following him through the city, because you are following this guy forever.

Just maintain your distance. Have your change out to get rid of pesky musicians.

You will also have to kill a single guard while you are following this guy.

There are four guards blocking your way here. Hire the thieves to draw them away, and then continue following the guy you need to follow.

Shortly after luring those four guards away, the guy you are following will cross a canal.

On the other side of the canal is a guard you will have to kill.

Eventually the guy you are following will run through a second group of four guards. You will get a cut scene of the messenger putting the item into a box.

You need to replace the messager, who is the guy you were following. Hire the group of girls who are nearby.

Use them to distract the guards.

Then go inside and kill your way to the messenger. He is slightly to the left after you take care of this first guard.

There's the messenger.

All thing's come to he who waits should now be synched.

Pick up the box to start the next mission.