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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Defeating the Joker

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Which will be here. Sorry, forgot what the building is.

The Joker will show up on a TV and say stuff but nothing much will happen.

Just kinda explodes.

Now go through the door to end this...

Now there'll be mutated henchmen and regular henchmen...well this'll be fun.

Sorry for skipping the cutscenes. But, after the Joker having a little fist fight with you and injecting you and him with the TITAN formula, you take the antidote for yourself. Now you have to fight him with your bare hands.

This boss is fairly easy. Just beat up his henchmen and when he looks the other way, use your batclaw to oull him down.

Then do some combos on him to damage him. Just keep repeating this.

And that's it. You're done with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Nice job!

Then you'll have to go back to fighting other crimes. Thanks for looking at this walkthrough. Hope you found this helpful!