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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Saving Commisoner Gordon

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According to Oracle, you'll have to go back to the office where you first met Commisioner Gordon tonight, so you can get some evidence.

When you get there, you'll find some evidence which is vapor evidence. To find Gordon, you'll need to follow this in Detective Mode.

You'll end up at the Secure Transit when you follow his trial. You'll meet Harley Quinn who ends up breaking the elevator. So you'll have to find another way up.

After you shimmy, glide and jump your way up there, you'll meet some inmates with interesting characteristics...

Now, after beating up those henchmen, break the vent to advance to the next area.

When you get to the next area, there'll be armed henchmen that you'll have to silently takedown.

You'll have to climb the gargoyles above to go behind them.

After you're done with that, upen the vent in the room with the inmate that was talking to the Joker.

You'll the enter the Intensive Treatment Lobby where you'll have to take out more armed henchmen. Just go up the gargoyles and wait to attack.

When you try to get out, you find that Officer boles has not made Joker you have to find another way.

Then the Riddler will contact you about his riddels being spread around the island, blah blah blah. We're focusing on the main story right now. So go through this door which is to the right of the lobby.

After talking to an officer and going through some dorrs, there'll be a vent you'll have to break open so you can enter the surface of the island.

Now you're at the surface! Go to the door that leads to Arkham North.

Some of the inmates will be trashing the Batmobile. you gotta save that sweet ride! So proceed to Arkham North.

After saving the Batmobile, you'll get a new toy! Some explosive gel c:

You're gonna have to use it to destroy the wall to make a way to get to Arkham West.

Now when you get there, just go straight to that house ahead of you. Thats where you'll need to go.

Once you're on the roof, there'll be a weak part of the roof which you'll need to destroy with the explosive gel.

Now enter the door that's to you right.

You'll end up here. There's a vent below to your right.

Break it and proceed to the next area.

So, now you're here. A tunnel of nothingness. Just head straight.

And yet another vent to go through thats to the left of the tunnel.

You'll end up in the sanatorium, where there's more henchmen to get silently.

After you take 'em out, a doctor will tell you that there's more doctors being held hostage. So you're gonna have to go save them!

I first went to the patient observation room. This one is simple.

It's another break-the-control-panels-to-save-the-people one. Just break get inside the room, by a vent of course, and destroy the panels to resume air ventilation.

All done! Off to the next hostage!

The next one I went to was the Surgery Room one. This one is also easy.

You'll just have to defeat some henchmen and that's it.

Doneeeee. Now off to the next hostage!

The X-Ray Room has to be the easiest one!

Just spray some explosive gel on one wall...

And the next one...

And KABOOM! Detonate.

Now go back to the sanatorium.

Even more henchmen will come. So take them out.

Enter the elevator to go find Gordon.

You'll arrive here. Just go on ahead.

Explode this wall to get into the next area.

You'll find Gordon! But he gets dragged out of sight...

Break the vent to go get Gordon!

But you were to late...he's dead.

Go on down that hall to find his killer.

You find yourself in a morgue...

There's nothing to do in here but open the body do so...

It's Bruce's father! Why is he here?!

And the next one is his mother! What's going on here?!

Now the last bodybag...

It's Scarecrow! Of course!

Now, you're in a wasteland in your mind.

This part is sorta easy. Just avoind being seen by Scarecrow and get to the searchlight which will destroy him.

Boom. You got him!

You'll snap outta it when you destroy Scarecrow. Now get outta there.

It turns out that wasn't Commisoner Gordon who was dead. It was a guard but of course Scarecrow made you think it was Gordon.

Proceed to this room to see if Gordon is in here...

Just follow Joker's directions he gave you.

You'll end up in this room where Gordon is being held. But there are henchmen down below. You'll have to take them out.

Or just go up here without being noticed :P Basically, take out Harley.

Thats it! You saved Gordon! :D

But they have Bane...uh oh...

It's pretty simple to beat him. Make him hurt himself until a bar of health is empty. Then do a combo on him to take out the tubes that has the TITAN Formula.

And that's pretty much it. A cutscene will show how Bane died.

Now you'll have to get to the Batcave on Arkham island.