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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Welcome to the Madhouse...

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Then, you'll need to take out Zsasz by going on a gargoyle and glide kicking him.

Afer that, to get outta there, you'll have to break the vent that is on the left wall.

Now when you get outta the vents and go down the hall, there'll be people in a room getting contaminated with Joker's toxic gas.

So grapple up to the vents to enter the room.

You'll have to rescue some of the guards on the upper level.

Then, to rescue the ones on the lower level, you'll have to destroy the control panels down below with your Batarang.

And you got it!

Now, you've rescued all the guards and some patients and you can advance to the next area.

After following the directions on the ground, you'll meet the Joker again.

He'll release a mutated inmate on you. A little mini boss, I guess.

All I did was walk around until he died since he will because of the formula he took.

A guy will open a security door that's to the left of you and you'll ask him if he can bring the elevator up.

But he can't. Plus, the Joker has gotten ahold of Commisoner Gordon so you must save him!