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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Introduction

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So here's the story. you've just captured Joker from what the Joker does best: Crime. You take him to Arkham Asylum, where he really belongs. But you do not know what the night will have in store for you, The Batman.

You escort him to his cell, or so you thought.

When you finally get to the IC Unit, you can't go in so you watch him go in...

But of course, somehow, someway, he escaped. He's actually in complete control of the Asylum. This was his plan all along.

Now, the game will introduce you to the combat style of the game. Square or X, depending on what console you're on, or whatever key you have for hitting on PC.

The Joker will now let you in so he can have some fun with you. c:

Now, go to the Patient Pacification Center which should be down the hall, to the left and down that hall.