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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Destroying the Titan Formula

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Your new objective is to destroy the production of the TITAN Formula that's happening in Botnical Gardens. SO you'll have to get out of the Mansion and to Botanical Gardens.

Go thru the Medical Facility Door to get there.

Now go straight ahead to the Penitentary.

Now just proceed to find the Warden.

Follow the path until you get to this door which will lead you to the cell blocks.

Just go around some of the cells to find this door.

Here is where Poison Ivy is held at.

Behind her will be where the Security Control Room is. Thats where the Warden will be at.

When you find him, you'll get another gadget! It can hack into any door's security and open it.

You use it first to get outta the room.

Now head back to Botanical Gardens.

But first, Harley Quinn is back and doesnt wanna give up.

Hack into the security to stop the electricity current in the floor.

Now you can exit and find Harley.

When you get to the Guard Room, there'll be a surprise.

There'll be guards tied up above water with an electric current.

So hack into the system to shut off the electricity.

Onto the next panel to hack...

Then cut the rope off so they can get down.

Hack into the door so you can get Harley Quinn.

Make sure you go through the Main Cell Block...

And into the Controlled Access area.

There'll be a vent ahead on the ceiling to go into.

That'll lead you into the Extreme Incarceration area where you'll have to defeat waves of inmates and avoid the floor that will get an electrical current off and on, on different floors. So two tips for this little battle. Remember to move to different floors when the electrical current ets turned on for that area. And counter a lot of the attacks. Basically, DON'T DIE (:

And boom. Done with that. The door in the middle will open. Enter it to proceed.

Now, go to Botanical Gardens which is in Arkham East.

And boom. You're there c: Im hoping you know your way around the island by now.

When you go down the lobby/hall thingy, hack into the security so you can open the electricity fence thing.

There'll be more armed guards you gotta take out.

After that, enter the door that's on the right side of the building.

Now enter the next door which leads to the Glasshouse Generation Room. Hack into the security to shut off the electricity that will be in the Flooded Corridor.

After that, enter the door to the north.

Joker will talk to you and block the way to get to him. SInce you already turned off the electricity, just go through. There'll be a grate on the wall. Rip it off and go through.

You'll end up in some chamber. There'll be a weak wall to destroy so you can get to the other side.

There'll be a door ahead, enter it.

Another vent to go through.

Some henchmen to beat up...

Now down some stairs and into the door.

More guards to take out silently. :P But this time, the first guy you take out HAS to be the leader who's up there in that room.

There ya goooooooo.

Now get the rest c:

Now hack into this panel to stop the waterline to see Joker.

And, there'll be two mutated beasts. Great. Get 'em!

Now hack into security to open the door for the way out.

Batman will call in a delivery and you'll get the line launcher.

Use it to get to the other side to the door.

Walk down the hall to get to the other door which will lead to the next room.

You're back at this area again. You can finally get to the other side.

Enter the door at the end of the hall.

Well, now you have to get to Croc's Lair to get a plant that will complete the antidote. Leave Botanical Gardens to get to Aaron Cash.

Head to Arkham North and launch a line to this building. Since the door is blocked off you'll have to get up to launch the line to the door that's above.

When you get inside, get on top of the vents and go forward. There'll be a vent at the end of the wall.

You're back here and there's more guards to take out. AND they planted explosives on the gargoyles. Tips: Go on top of the buiding in the middle after on a gargoyle. Get some of the soldiers by getting on the ground. Hav a plan to get out of sight though.

Also, there's a panel inside the buiding that you'll need shut off so the doors will open.

This door will be in the lower level of the lobby.

When you get to the end of the hallway, your screen will go insane. This is part of the game, do not be frightened.

The game will redo the introduction and you'll be the Joker...and the patient will be Batman... die.

Just kidding! you're in Scarecrow's world once again. And once again, there'll be some henchmen and searchights to destroy him.

And you're back into the real world...whatta dream.

The door will lead to the Scure Transit. Just jump down.

Hack into the panel to get the doors open so you can get to the sewers.

There'll be some henchmen to fight before you can get to Croc's Lair.

Now enter the door that's ahead to enter the sewers.

A cutscene will commence showing Scarecrow getting eaten by Croc. How nice. Advance up the sewer to get to where the plants are located.

Now, to get the samples you'll have to follow the distance meter on the screen and be VERY quiet. Like, crouch and walk. He will hear you sometimes. Just throw a batarang at him and he'll fall over. Thats all you really need to do. Stay quiet. Get the samples. Get outta there.

And when you're done and he's chasing you, the doors will close...

Wait for him to come close enough to detonate the explosives.

And there ya go! He's dead.

Now, just go back to the Batcave to analyze your antidote.

When you're done analyzing and whatnot, you'll get the Mega Super Ultra Batclaw! It can rip off walls now.

And now, you're gonna have to get to Botanical Gardens to stop Poison Ivy.

Getting out of the Batcave is a bit tricky.

Just go straight ahead and land on that little piece of land.

Go inside of it now.

Grapple up to get on top of it.

Now launch a line to get to that piece of land.

And there ya goooo. Off to Botanical Gardens! But first, go to the sewers to shut off the pumps since Scarecrow ruined the water. You'll have to fix it.

If you dont know how to get there, justgo back here and go up.

When you get to the top, break this wall so you can get in.

Now, get to the pump room!

Hack into the security panel to stop the pumps.

Now to the control room, here will be more guards to take out silently. Do so.

When you've taken them out, hack into this panel to stop the pumps in here.

Now, you can go to Botanical Gardens.

But first, a mutated visitor. Take him outtt.

There'll be some walls that you can break where the mutated guy came from. Break that so you can advance up.

When you get all the way up, there'll be a door. Enter it and proceed.

Destroy this wall to get to the surface of the island.

Now enter the Arkham North door.

As you walk up, there'll be a place where you can grapple.

So, grapple up there.

There'll be a door on the other side. Go inside it. It's a little shortcut to Arkham East.

Now enter the Arkham East door.

And there you go. Go through the flooded corridor, over the ditch of nothingness,

And into the door.

This boss battle is fairly simple. Just throw the batarang when she opens up and avoid the vines and stuff. Thats it.

Then spray explosive gel on her to get her really weak.

She'll get back up and you'll do the same thing. Batarang, avoid. Only difference is there are henchmen now.

Then you're done!

Now, go through the Arkham West door.

And go to the "party".