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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Getting the Titan Formula

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It's in Arkham North so head there!

Go up the roof of the Intensive Treatment building and the courtyard beside it is where the cave will be at.

There you are!

Just go straight and you;ll get there. A cutscene will show Batman flying to the cave.

When you get there, Batman will do some research and find out what Joker is trying to do.

You'll also recieve the Batclaw! A gadget that can pull objects.

Now, get out of the Batcave to find Dr.Young.

You use the Batclaw to open vents from a far distance, like this one.

You'll get to the sewers when you go through that vent and go down the hall to the left. You're gonna have to get to the top to find where Dr.Young is.

When you get up there, you'll just have to go down the hall and you'll find a weak wall to explode to proceed to the next area.

Behind the wall will be a door. Enter it.

Now, since you're on the surface, go find a rout to the Arkham Mansion where Dr.Young should be at.

Take the Arkham East Door.

Just go straight ahead and you'll find the mansion. Grapple hook up there since you cant go through the front door.

Open the vent with your Batclaw. Then enter it to get inside Arkham Mansion.

When you get inside the Mansion, get to the ground and grapple to another surface ahead of you.

Then, break open the vent to proceed to the next area.

When you get to the Main Hall, grapple up to a gargoyle.

Then skip the fighting and get to the ground where the door is.

Enter it to proceed.

Continue down the hall until you get into this door. Go inside it.

Now this part is a little're gonna have to take out the inmates silently again to save the hostages and advance to the next area.

After you're done with that, go up these stairs and go into the door on the right.

Go up some stairs and break this vent to advance.

Go to another vent that's ahead of you.

You'll arrive at her office.

Break the vent that's to the side to advance.

You'll be inside her office now.

Scan for evidence which will be fingerprints of Dr.Young.

Now just follow her tracks!

You'll end up at the Library after following for awhile. You'll have to save some hostages now.

Grapple up the first level and break the vent that's on that level.

You'll end up here and now grapple up there.

This is where you'll end up. Now you gotta break the rope that's supporting the chandlier so it can break through the glass.

There ya gooooooo. Now go save the hostages!

After that, you'll find the Formula that Dr.Young made.

After that, advance inside this door to get to the next area.

You'll be at, Wayne Manor? Just proceed...

Then while you're walking everything will go white...

The Mansion will be turning into streets...

You'll faint and end up somewhere...

You'll be a kid! In front of your dead parents!

Enter this door to proceed...

This look familiar? You're under Scarecrow's control now.

Again, just advance to the searchlights so you can kill him.

There'll be some henchmen, just take them out.

And...Boom! You got him!

You'll end up back at the Main Hall in Arkham Mansion...

Break the bell so you can get down and proceed.

Now, you'll have to rescue Dr.Young at the Warden's office.

Just enter the door that's ahead of you.

Just go down that hall and it'll lead you to this door enter it to get to the Warden's Office.

This part is kinda easy. Just aim the Batarang to hit Zsasz so he'll let go of Dr.Young. Next, she'll ry to open the safe to get the formula but she'll explode with the safe and die.

Great. More henchmen. Take 'em out!

Scan for Evidence around the area.