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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough GothCorp

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Use your Grapnel and fire it in between the two goons on the walkway at the right side. Try to stay in between them then do a Double Ledge Takedown.

Now climb up the railing and takedown the last goon that's guarding the security guard. Once he's down, approach and talk to the security guard.

After talking to the guard, drop back down on the lower level and take the entrance on the left side, then climb down the stairs and enter the door.

Once inside the Organics Lab approach the 2 armed goons and perform a Double Takedown on them. Approach the guy with the CW and stun him then beat him down.

After you've cleared the area, turn right and approach the vent on the wall. Open it up and follow it to the other end, but don't exit it yet.

On the other end of the vent, do a Takedown on the goon that's standing right in front of you. After knocking him out, takedown the rest of them.

Now enter the door right at the end of the hallway and you'll find the security guard's boss being held hostage by Penguin's men. After entering the room immediately use your Grapnel and climb on the post right above you.

Then move to the post on the right side and wait for the goon on the walkway right below you to start moving towards the other end, then drop down and do a Silent Takedown.

Hug the railing on the left side while you're crouching, then drop down, but don't drop on the floor yet. Just wait for the guy to pass underneath you and when he passes drop down below him and take him down.

Climb back up the post near the sniper and move to the one behind him. There's another goon that's gonna pass underneath, when he passes drop down behind him and take him out.

I don't recommend approaching the sniper from the angle that you're in after taking out the other goon. Just to be safe climb back up the post and drop down on the snipers left side and take him out from there.

Now climb up the post on the far right corner of where the sniper you took down was. Wait for the patrolling guard to head for the heavily armored sniper, then drop down on the platform below and take out the goon there.

Then head back up the same post and wait for the patrolling goon to get near, but don't do an Inverted Takedown on him. Just hang and wait for him to turn around, then drop down behind him and do a Silent Takedown. For some reason the sniper won't even notice his body there so you're good to go.

Use youe Grapnel again and climb up the post, then swing towards the post right above the sniper. Don't take him out, just wait for the goon below to walk away from the sniper and wait for the sniper to return to the corner. When he does drop down and press RT+A on top of the floor vents to hide inside.

Head for the other end of the vent and wait for the goon to pass on top of you. Let him pass, then exit the vent and do a Silent Takedown on him. Be careful when you do this cause the sniper on the right side might see you and in addition there's a goon above the stairs that's patrolling. So time your takedown appropriately as the goon is about to pass the stairs.

Follow the other goon that's patrolling above the stairs and wait for him to pass the stairs on the left side of where you are. Make sure to activate your Detective Vision so you can see him properly.

Once he stops walking, climb up the stairs and take him down, then quickly turn around and do a Silent Takedown on the goon that's watching the hostage.

For the armored sniper, there's a reason why I left him for last and that's cause you can't take him down silently. The only takedowns that you can use on him at this point is ledge and hang takedowns which will give you away to the other goons in the room. So climb back up the posts and head for the one near him.

Make sure to drop down on the lowest floor and use your Grapnel to climb up the railing near the sniper, then shimmy towards him and perform a Ledge Takedown.

Now that the area is secure head back to the guard that was being held hostage near the door. Once you have the codes head back out and backtrack to the central lobby.

In the lobby you'll notice that all the doors have been frozen over. Look up the center of the room and you'll find a ledge that you can use the Batclaw on.

Once you're up on the ledge, throw a Concussion Detonator at the guy holding the CW and do a drop kick on one of the enemies below and takedown the rest of them. More enemies will enter afterwards.

When the new set of enemies enter the lobby, immediately go for the guys with the CW. If they try to freeze you over, use it to your advantage and stand near a goon and get them frozen.

Keep attacking the guys with the CW, but listen for the sound of a gun being loaded. If you hear that sound immediately attack the guy holding the gun before proceeding to knocking out the CW guy.

After taking them out use your Grapnel to climb back up the right side walkway and use your Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the security door.

Enter the door and follow the goon that's checking up on the guard that's nearby and take him down silently.

Then head over to the other 2 that are near the door and knock them down one by one. Then activate your Detective Vision and head inside the room on the right side wall. There's a Service Hatch inside, open and use it to get to the next room.

Near the end of the path you'll find a small gap on the metal fixture and a steam pipe that's blowing steam in intervals. Get a feel for the timing and run towards it, then press RT to quickly go through the small gap while the steam is out.

Now make your way to the other side by shimmying along the ledge and avoiding the steam from the pipes. At the end you'll have to use your Grapnel to climb up the next platform.

Then shimmy over all the way to the right side and climb up on the surface. Head around the area and you'll find a generator. Press and hold A near it to charge it up.

Enter through the door that will open and drop down on the lowest point of the machine. Turn on your Detective Vision and look around the wall to find a vent.

Equip your Batclaw and use it to pull down the cover of the vent, then use your Grapnel to climb up inside it and move through to the end.

Drop down from the vent and climb up the stairs to start a cutscene. After the cutscene follow the path on the left side and head around the corner, then activate your Detective Vision and you'll see some floor grates. Use the grates to drop down on the lower floor and start another cutscene.

After the cutscene head for the door on the left side to enter the security room. Keep going until you reach the area with cryovapor on the floor.

Now equip your Remote Batclaw and fire it at the anchor point on the right side above the door to area 170. Once the line has been established use your Grapnel to get up on the wire.

Head for the end of the line and you'll find a group of Penguin's men. Take them down, then recharge the generator on the left side wall near the ice that's blocking your way.

The fan will then shut off and you'll be able to use your Grapnel to climb up above the propeller and climb up the ledge right in front of you. Then turn right and enter the vent.

Backtrack to the lobby and you'll find some goons harassing a guard. Jump across the gap and use your Grapnel to get behind the 2 near the edge and take them down. Then knockout the last goon and Batman will automatically leave GothCorp.