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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: Mr. Freeze

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As soon as the battle starts find a post that you can climb on but don't go on a post that's going to be seen by Freeze. The ones that face away from the platform that he's on is ideal.

Once you're sure that no one can spot you and that you're safe, activate your Detective Vision and look around the area for machines that glow orange.

Now drop down to the machine and press A to heat it up and destroy it. Once you've broken it Freeze will immediately find you and you'll have to quickly move between posts to lose him.

You don't have to attack those goons at all. Just focus on destroying the machines, there's 3 in total. Destroy all of them to move on to the next part of the battle.

After all 3 machines are down, Freeze will come down from the platform and attempt to attack you while you're frozen. Mash A to break the ice then hide on the posts above until you lose Freeze.

He'll occasionally freeze some posts so make sure to destroy the ice every time he does.

This time you do have to takedown the goons that are with Freeze. You don't always have to jump down and get close to them, use the stalactites to quickly bring them down without having to move. Inverted Takedowns also work well.

Once you've taken care of all the goons, watch Freeze move around the area and drop behind him when you get the chance.

Approach Freeze from behind and perform a Takedown on him. Batman will then damage his suit and Freeze will call for reinforcements.

Quickly climb back up on the post after damaging Freeze's suit. Depending on how long you took he may or may not immediately call for back-up.

If he calls for back-up then you have to take them out first, then wait for Freeze to walk near a breakable ice wall and perfom a Takedown on him from the other side of the wall.

You're gonna have to do this twice. There's a breakable wall on each side of the room and chances are Freeze will always walk past them as he's trying to go around to look for you.

Now for the last part of the battle. Climb up to where Freeze is but don't go exactly on the platform he's on. Instead look to the left side of the platform and break the ice on the vent.

Enter inside the vent and Press Y to perform one last Takedown on Mr. Freeze. Now all you have to do is watch the ending of the story.

Or so you thought, but the game will give you one last thing to do and that is to save Mr. Freeze. Quickly mash the A button to break the ice, then perform a Takedown on the bastard. Semi-happy ending.